About Me

imageMy name is Jonah Gallegos, and I am a Journalism major and Senior at New Mexico State University; I plan to graduate with a bachelors degree in the 2018 fall semester. I have lived in Las Cruces, New Mexico my whole life, but would love to extend my travel experience and explore other beautiful places around the globe. I’m a sports fanatic, but always try to stay caught up with daily news.

Through my NMSU experience I have been a part of two internships, both being in Sports Journalism, which I plan to make a career out of upon graduation; my goal is to become a Sports Information Director after graduating college. My internships obtained are with NMSU Athletics: Fall Semester 2015-Spring Semester 2016; and The NMSU Round Up: Fall semester 2017-Present.

I attended Centennial High School in Las Cruces, NM where I also graduated from in the year of 2014.

Currently I am a Sports Writer for The NMSU Round Up, specifically the Men’s Basketball, Volleyball and Baseball beats writer. But also have done my fair share of work being a Staff Writer and covering events within the NMSU community.

Published online articles written by me can be found by going to the following link: https://nmsuroundup.com/staff/?writer=Jonah%20Gallegos

The Following link is the up-to-date CV for Jonah Gallegos:

JJonah Gallegos1_Resumé20181

Thank you for visiting my website and Continue to Prosper on.


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