YouTube Stardom Hitting Home

 LAS CRUCES, NM – YouTube is growing and evolving each and every day – but so have the people who constantly use the exhilarating video sharing website.

Dave Mares, a senior studying Digital Film Making at New Mexico State University, hardly has any free time. He is either in class, working, or – creating eventful videos in hopes of making others laugh. That’s right, Mares currently operates his own YouTube channel which is known to many as “itsMGW.”

The 21-year-old was born and raised in Las Cruces, NM and has two older siblings. One of them Bobby Mares, who is a well-known YouTuber and receives income for his YouTube Channel.

Dave Mares understands that making money from YouTube takes time and his brother is a living example of that.

“It took my brother more than a couple of years to start making money off YouTube – it’s not an instant thing,” Dave Mares said.

Hard Work is also a must and with Dave Mares’ experience with video and editing, it gives him an extreme advantage. Mares spends much of his time editing and perfecting videos for his YouTube channel.

“Videos have to be almost perfect when it comes to YouTube,” Dave Mares said. “Who wants to watch a poorly made video? It’s all about the viewers.”

The NMSU student said as of right now, he’s not too concerned about making money off his YouTube channel – but in all reality, getting income for making YouTube videos is possible for Dave Mares.

In only a month, he has gotten over 500 subscribers and one of his videos has close to 2,000 views.

According to many people believe YouTubers make money by the amount of views they get – to an extent that is true. But videopower said it is all about the “people’s engagement with the ad” that really gets the Channel somewhere. The website states that advertisers select ads such as Cost per Click (CPC) or Cost Per View (CPV).

“Engagement here means clicking or watching an ad for more than 30 seconds,” the video power marketing stated on its website.

Video Power also states that the best way to help yourself get income from videos is to really specify your targeted audience.

“Advertisers want targeted YouTube channels with a defined demographic,” said the video power page. “They’d [Advertisers] much rather place their ads on a specific type of person than a random user.”

Dave Mares understands that concept and has already customized his channel to fit a younger teenage audience. His channel offers challenge videos – which presents dramatic scenarios – and as well as vlogs (video blogs).

“Right now, getting paid for my YouTube videos is the least of my worries – I’m just trying to have fun with it,” Dave Mares said when asked if money was a priority concerning his videos.

In an article named “How YouTube Developed into a Successful Platform for User-Generated Content,” Margaret Holland from Elon University, said that when observing three YouTubers she found that not only did they benefit financially from YouTube but they also used that platform to raise income elsewhere.

Dave Mares explained that his brother just recently released his own merchandise to fans and because of YouTube; profit for that merchandise will be steady.

“Dropping his own merch [merchandise] now was perfect timing,” Dave Mares said. “I’d definitely use a similar approach, if I ever get to that level.”

Holland’s article also mentioned the YouTubers ended up releasing books and even creating movies. All because of YouTube, which helped give each of them a name for themselves.

Dave Mares explained that his goals after college are to move to California and open his own production company. Though he believes YouTube will eventually die out, he also thinks it holds perfect opportunity or “networking”.

“It could be something to help lift me off and get me to a bigger stage in life,” Dave Mares said.

YouTube alone has adjusted throughout the years, and just recently came up with “YouTube TV”.

Temple University offered an online article about YouTube TV, which is the future of YouTube. The article said Google, who owns YouTube, might ask for higher ad prices than cable TV.

With this possibility, Dave Mares said it doesn’t really change his view about his channel. He said whether money comes from his channel or not, he is content with just making others laugh.

“At the end of the day, something good will come from all this,” Dave Mares said.


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